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Why I volunteered for the Dragon Boat Challenge

I’ve never run a marathon, or a half marathon – in fact the most I’ve run since school cross country is probably the one mile run for breast cancer a few years ago.

Running, rowing – it’s all the same isn’t it? A lot of hard work for a worthy cause.

So why did I stick my hand up when Jon asked for volunteers for the Dragon Boat Challenge at Windsor this year?

Apart from it sounding like great fun it quickly dawned on me that my life is pretty damned good. What else would I be doing that day? Watching the motor racing on the TV? Mowing the lawn or trying to avoid my wife urging me to pick up a paint brush – we only decorated 5 years ago, what’s wrong with her?

But seriously, when I saw where the money raised was going it was a no brainer. We all saw the newsreels of the Philippines being devastated by the tsunami of a couple of years ago. Those lucky enough to survive had there lives altered forever. Many of them lost their livlihoods when their boats were destroyed. Knowing that a day out for me could culminate in somebody halfway around the world getting another chance was impossible to resist. As is Jonathan’s charm!

On top of that the Kids In Sport charity and the young persons water sports organisation – Longridge benefit too. I’m looking forward to getting extremely wet, over excited and probably making a fool of myself – but at least I’ll have a smug expression on my face at the bar afterwards.

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