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Adding a Little Wacky Magic to your Business

If you are a new business looking to engage with a brand new audience then social media can be a good vehicle…

But you need to have a good story, something people will want to share with others.

I am currently working with Omar Leslie of Wackey Magic to create a great story… one of localised engagement which will warm the hearts of local parents when they think of Wacky Magic.

Planning for the longer term, brand recognition, brand association in the future when local children start thinking of where to buy their magic tricks.

Online magic business could be generated by Pay Per Click (PPC) but this will simply end up focused on price… fine if you are always the cheapest… but there will always be someone cheaper…

I suggested Omar produce a video of a couple of the magic tricks… his first efforts are above & below… could you offer comment below of how he might improve on these?

Thank you.


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