Jon Davey and Gordon Radley were guest of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

What topics would you like me to cover?

As we roll into the Easter Break I’d like you to tell me what topics you’d like me to cover…

At the weekends I tend to work out a bunch of stories for the following week… coming up with the themes first and then writing the content, leaving Friday open to random stories…

I’ll be taking a break tomorrow & Monday so thought I’d ask what you’d like to see so I can add it to my to do list 😉

Thank you.


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7 thoughts on “What topics would you like me to cover?

  1. Hi John. I’m doing the Moonwalk on 10th May…you could tell people that I’m ‘selling’ dots on my polka dot skirt – you can sponsor a dot by sending me a logo and making a donation 🙂 All in a good cause of course. My feet remind me daily that I am doing this. It’s good for the soul and good for breast cancer. PS I know it’s not really a blog subject but do feel free to spread the word x


    1. Giving this 15 seconds of thought I’d say…

      Turn up… smile… help the other person…

      If I gave it a day’s thought, I’d probably come up with the same… you have to be in the room to network… if you smile, nice folk will relax and come towards you… evil doers will think “Why you smiling?” sod them… and if you help the person you are talking to in some way then they are more likely to remember you fondly & refer you at the right time… it also feels good to help others so you grow spiritually taller and that scares the evil doers as you start to glow 😉


  2. How about the art of not working during a bank holiday? You clearly have a skill to achieve that. So many smaller businesses have no choice but to work through. Any hints an tips?


    1. Never said I wasn’t working at the weekend, as usual… I said I was not pushing out stories Monday & Friday… having a rest… takes a lot of energy to produce a bunch of content each week… you know, you scribble the odd story between holidays 😉


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