On this day in history 19th April

Born on this Day 19th April
1903 Eliot Ness
1905 Jim Mollison
1935 Dudley Moore
1931 Garfield Morgan
1941 Alan Price
1946 Tim Curry
1949 Paloma Picasso
1953 Ruby Wax
1957 Tony Martin,
1954 Trevor Francis
1956 Sue Barker
1970 Kelly Holmes
1975 Jason Gillespie
1987 Joe Hart

Died on this Day
1824 Lord Byron
1881 Benjamin Disraeli
1989 Daphne Du Maurier

1962 Jackie Wilson topped the bill at the famed New York night club The Copacabana.

1978 ‘Because The Night’, co-written by Bruce Springsteen, was released by Patti Smith in the US.

1980 For the first time, the Top 5 artists on the US country chart were all females.

1986 For the 3rd time, Prince did the triple when his recording of ‘Kiss’ simultaneously topped the pop, dance and R&B charts in America.

1983 Aberdeen went through to the final of the European Cup Winners Cup despite losing 1-0 to Belgian club Waterschei in the second leg of their sei-final match, holding onto a 5-2 aggregate to win.

1988 Ian Botham arrived in Turin having completed his charity trek across the Alps in the footsteps of Hannibal.

1992 In one of the biggest first round upsets seen at the world snooker championships, first season professional Peter Ebdon, ranked 68th in the world, knocked out 6 times champion Steve Davis by 10 frames to 4.

People & Showbiz
1983 Both Angela Rippon and Anna Ford were dropped as presenters by TV-am.

1987 The Simpsons premieres as a short cartoon on The Tracey Ullman Show

General Events
1012 Martyrdom of Alphege in Greenwich, London.

1587 Francis Drake sinks the Spanish fleet in Cádiz harbor.

1770 Captain James Cook sights Australia.

1775 The opening battle in the American War of Independence, the Battle of Lexington, took place near Boston when General Gage fired into a crowd.

1966 Ian Brady and Myra Hindley went on trial at the Old Bailey for the Moors Murders.

1971 Figures showed that unemployment in the UK was at 814,189, the highest since 1940.

1983 The Automobile Association claimed that the speed limit on Britain’s motorway’s should be raised to 80 or 85 mph.

1989 A London conference on health in industry was told that 21 people in Britain died every hour from heart disease and 70 million working days a year are lost through related illness.

1995 Dozens of ‘twitchers’ visiting the waterfowl park in Fakenham, Norfolk, to see a rare Slavonian grebe making its first appearance at the centre, were disappointed to learn that it was killed by a pike which had snared the 10 inch bird by the leg earlier in the day.

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