journey to work

Does your commute to work get you down?

Since 22nd March 2004 this has been my journey to work… can be a little treacherous on a winter’s morning but on the whole, an inspirational stroll 😉

lord mayor london bus

Some will prefer the hustle & bustle of the city… I can understand that for those in the 20’s & 30’s who love the buzz… I was representing Nestle and J&J back then, covering the M62 to Scotland… I recall a fighter jet buzzing my open sun roof as we peak together above Windermere!

my favourite audi

I hit the top of the hill in my Rover 216 GTi Twin Cam and felt the heat from the jets engines through my sunroof… I bet the pilot was smiling too! I loved the Audi… shame she blew up on the M4 one sunny day!

Charlie Chloe Alison

I am a lucky b’tard, happily married with two kids & a dog… the kids are being kids, rude to parents, as butter wouldn’t melt to not so strangers… the Mrs is looking great in her size 8 dresses… the dog keeps those extras pounds from rolling on me, you know the one’s I mean, the extra, extra one’s… business ebbs & flows and after last year’s pain I’m seeing a bit of gain this year…

The blog is attracting visitors but as the saying goes, “Turnover is vanity, profit is sanity” and visitors & pages views are turnover, conversations around real business is profit and they involve meeting people with pain that I can resolve…

2020 social media attendees

I had posted the idea of a big event on 4th July at a posh venue with glitter balls & everything… but then one of my clients has asked for more time, double in fact, so that will remove most of any “own business” time I might have had… and a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush… especially at my age 😉

Easter gave me time to reflect on the content production… I had hoped that others would join in but that becomes a very random affair if you’re not paying folk and so 95% of it was down to me to find, reflect, write & publish… having a few days off made me think why am I doing this?

I was doing it to boost the ranking of the website and get it seen by Google as a jolly good source, so indexed rapidly and flown high for the world to see, if they search a given topic… Google tells me I now have 1870 pages indexed… so plenty… new content is indexed within minutes… job done!

easter saturday healthy lunch

People around me have joked about the volume of emails landing in their inbox… I know many are keen to see me succeed and so based on the theory “I know what I’m doing”, they patiently pick through the stories for interesting morsels… dispensing with many as they land… and would much rather enjoy more Aberdeen Angus, hung for 21 days than factory farmed, water filled chicken breasts that I might sometimes push out in the need to balance content requirements with late nights & the apathy that brings with it… told you, I’m getting older every day!

Didn’t have a picture of a nice piece of beef, hope the “daddy special” does the job! Mixed fruit covered with a layer of melted coconut oil… the perfect lunch…

I think, I know I’d rather produce quality than quantity and so while writing this have made the decision to randomly post blog articles that resonate with me, when they ding that bell, rather than to some prescribed time frame, some ticking clock… I took my watch off 13 year’s ago because I got bored of checking it… I loved it, a Rado I had treated myself to one summer in Lanzarote…

big ben 2 faces

I simply wanted to give each moment the time it required and if I was late for the next appointment, so be it, if they were someone I was going to do long term business with, they would understand why… if not, we’re both better off… it was either that or the metal strap lost a pin 😉

So from here on there will be no 10am, 12pm, 2pm, 4pm… unless the public demands it… let’s try a random approach which might mean 1 article every other day or it could be 6 turn up within the hour… let’s have a week or a month of random stories and then I’ll ask folk to vote…

Don’t forget we have a Slow Business Networking event THIS Friday in Maidenhead… BOOK YOUR PLACE…

slow business networking

I’m also going to be launching my own new physical product in the near future, I’ve been wanting to do something but didn’t know quite what… Ali helped fine tune the topic as we strolled Windsor Great Park at the weekend… I’m just working on some of the detail & production… once a flow is sorted, you’ll be the first to know 😉

journey to work laundrette

Sometimes the journey to work takes a de-tour via the laundrette but hey, that’s 5 minutes of pain and with the right attitude becomes something you master… the flow of air around the articles to ensure maximum drying effect based on the sun’s heat & the wind direction!

If you are wondering where you can get such a handsome shed, Henley Offices is a great place to start looking…

For those fun daily facts you can search the website, top right, click search and then put in your key words…

st george binfield

Just realised, Happy St George’s Day!

Thank you.


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