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Slow Business Networking Binfield

Join local business people for a spot of Slow Business Networking at the Stag & Hounds, Binfield on Friday 16th May…

After attending a couple of Jon Davey’s ‘Slow Business Networking’ events I found myself enjoying the relaxed atmosphere and friendly interaction of the attendees.

I recently asked Jon what his top 3 tips for networking were and he said: ‘Turn up, Smile and Help someone.’ That spoke volumes, that’s certainly how I view good networking.

Is it a long term commitment? Of course – aren’t all worthwhile relationships? Business is no different. Know, trust and like are the three pillars of doing business after all.

It was a no brainer for me when Jon asked for volunteers to start up satellite network groups for his ‘Slow Business Networking’ concept, and to that end a Bracknell edition has been born.

We’ve found a great venue to hold the meetings with a great history behind it – the newly refurbished Stag & Hounds pub in Binfield. This 14th century Royal hunting lodge was often used by Henry VIII and Elizabeth I.

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We will meet on the third Friday of every month from 10am – midday before it opens for business and teas and coffees can be purchased at the bar. Attendance is FREE.

The first meet will be on the 16th May, please complete the form below to register your intent…

Thank you.

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10 thoughts on “Slow Business Networking Binfield

  1. I’ll be running the event and will hopefully find time to share some useful and interesting marketing tips, and strategies to identify target audiences etc. At this first meet I’ll share a great 3 step process I learned which clarifies how you can communicate clearly what it is you actually do.


  2. We found Stag & Hounds pub in Binfield a quite interesting venue. This fantastic pub should be offered in our venue directory – at least in a Free listing version or better off promoted among others top-venues in Berkshire.
    According to this interesting blog this venues is ideal to hold corporate events and business functions, that’s why I truly think that more people should know about it further. By the way, We at -@venuedirectory – just wrote a new blog regarding “Berkshire Venues to Hire”: , I hope you find it interesting and have you listed with us soon to promote you in our next edition, newsletter and future tweets. Thanks a lot and good luck!


  3. 13 booked for the Binfield meet so far on the 16th May. Be sure to let me know if you’d like to be added by filling in the form above…

    See you there! πŸ™‚


    1. Hi Stuart

      Thank you for arranging this event it looks extremely interesting and in a relaxed atmosphere so I am looking forward to meeting you and all attendees.

      Kind regards – Gillian
      AdvantEdge – Office Support Services
      Mob: 07726 491 716


    1. Hi Susan, it was my first time just a few short weeks ago – and now I’m hosting one! So bring a smile and the desire to help someone and you’ll enjoy it as much I did. Who knows, you could be hosting your own in the not so distant future. πŸ™‚


  4. Next event in Binfield will be Friday 19th Sept – 10am till Midday. Book early as places are limited by the size of the venue. Teas and coffees can be purchased at the bar although it is not open to the public till midday. πŸ™‚


  5. Next event in Binfield = Fri 17th October. 10am till Midday AND you’ll receive a 20% Off voucher for lunch (for that day only). Book early as places are limited. πŸ™‚


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