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WIN a designer business dress by bakuba

Since launching bakuba I have been asked by many to add a dress to the lines.

As a creative person, I had absolutely no problem coming up with ideas for dresses to add to the Kiri and Aru lines of skirts and tops.  My challenge really has been narrowing down what style to make.

Flared skirts have become more acceptable for women to wear in a business environment and I love that I can give women the freedom to run up the stairs occasionally without worrying whether their stride with be stopped by a pencil skirt. At the same time, plenty of women prefer the formality that a pencil skirt projects.

Sleeves or no sleeves? As we ought to be moving into spring and then into summer, it is very tempting to bring out all the sleeveless clothes anticipating the warmth of the sun.  But looking out of my window this week makes me wonder whether the clouds will ever let us see the sun.

Rather than carry on struggling with the decision making, I am jumping on the bandwagon of crowd-sourcing and asking you, the crowd of Berkshire to help make the decision.  In return for your help, I will make the winning dress for one of my helpful crowd.  Whichever shape turns out to be the more popular, it will be made in the Kiri style as shown in the pictures and in the Aru style where the colour contrast is subtle piping down the sides and across the bust seam.

bakuba dress competition

You can cast your vote here…  To enter the competition for the dress (which will retail at £125), click the link, give the thumbs up for your preferred style & please add your e-mail address at the end.  The vote/competition runs throughout May and I will be posting updates on how the vote is going on Twitter (@bakuba_design) and below.



3 thoughts on “WIN a designer business dress by bakuba

  1. Are we talking about summer dress? Even if very hot I might choose bolero over it…For over 50s with three quarter sleeves. Neither dress appeal. First one sleeves, not sure of pencil, second one more flow, however sleeveless. To me shape of body and size of body is important in choosing… Kind regards Marina Duskov


  2. Thanks for your comment Marina. The business dress is designed to be worn in the office, which is why it started in a pencil shape, but I also liked the idea of a flare and just couldn’t decide.


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