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Measuring Social Media Engagement

Any marketing expert worth his or her salt will strongly recommend measuring the effect of any social media engagement…

If your activities are not producing the desired effect then you need to review and perhaps try a new direction… and in order to review you need to know where you started & where you are now!

I was looking for a way to promote E-goi’s marketing platform while, at the same time, finding a way to communicate how I can help potential clients, in an engaging way that would create a reaction from those interested to either know more or join in our campaign…

I sketched out an idea, re-jigged it and then searched my domain bank and found www.socialmediacompetition.com was currently not focussed on an active project… perfect, a few more tweaks and the “Who loves yar baby!” Social Media Competition was born…

The idea is to have a single campaign which I can use throughout the year… the campaign will be tweaked as we learn what people like best… I can shift focus around the different events I am involved in…

I built the page on The Berkshire Blog, re-pointed the domain and was ready to go…

I then had to decide which Twitter account to use… using an existing account & simply changing its name means that the existing following adds immediate credibility for visitors landing on the Twitter page for the first time… increasing the chances they will follow & join in our competition!

@binbnews had over 1800 followers & so wanting something along the lines of “who loves you baby” which was my starting point, who can resist a lollipop? I opted for @wholovesyarbaby

First campaign to see how this boat floats is The Business Show on 15th & 16th May at the Excel, London…

This morning I visited some the companies taking part in the exhibition & used Twitter to invite them to join in our competition… those that are not on Twitter I’ll look to hook up with via other channels later…

I’ll follow this initial engagement with an invite them to come & see my presentation on my ONE BOAT project on Friday 16th, Hall 12, 12:30 while 13:00 “Using Social Media to Feed the World”…

Current measures, 1817 Twitter followers, following 11… 6 test opt-ins for the competition… let’s get this party started 😉

Spent 4 hours on this, it’s going to take longer than anticipated… will have to accept I will not get to all companies but it will be a good tester… noticed 4 new followers so far & we now have 1816 followers, so -5 due to the 60+ tweets that went out!

Thank you.


Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
The Berkshire Blog
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
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