Tony Adams signed my balls in 2006

Tony Adams signed my balls!

I met Tony Adams at Bisham Abbey, he hosted a England World Cup 2006 match & signed my balls!

When you are looking for a new promotional gift idea, how do you go about it?

1. Do you simply wait until you see something and go, yeah, that’s what I’m after… then go searching Google for the cheapest supplier… placing your order online hoping you haven’t been scammed?

2. Do you ask your team to come up with ideas and then brainstorm in the next meeting… choose one and then go searching Google for the cheapest supplier… placing your order online hoping you haven’t been scammed?

3. Do you have an existing supplier who takes away all the pain… going as far as supplying you with ideas based on the knowledge of what you have tried in the past, how each promotional item was received and what offered something of a return on investment… they order for you, invoicing you on delivery of a perfect solution for your next campaign?

4. Do you keep your world simple and just order some cheap pens or a diary that nobody uses?

Meet Jeremy, is he the sort of bloke you’d like to do business with? Someone who loves getting it right for his customers… someone who already runs a successful business & knows what it takes to make customers happy? We shot this a couple of year’s ago at the 2020 Social Media event we ran at a swanky hotel 😉

If the answer is YES, he’s just the sort of ideas man I’d like to share a few thoughts with then tell him:

  • What promotional gifts have you tried already & how did they went down? (You only have to tell him once, he’ll remember if there is an r in the month!)
  • Which promotional gift items make you go cold… do not impress you?
  • A little about your business & the customers you are looking to engage with?
  • Provide us with relevant contact details & 24 hours to respond… could be sooner but he is obviously a popular & busy guy!

Thank you.

Jon Davey
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
07717 820823

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