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How to make the most of your EXPO stand #TBS2014

I woke up this morning to prep for The Business Show at Excel tomorrow & Friday #TBS2014

The show @TheBusinessShow tweeted to ask how I was getting on… very thoughtful of Jan… we’ve been engaging on Twitter this week as I look to grab the attention of those exhibiting by saying something incredibly intelligent or completely blinking stupid, depending on my mood at that moment in time & what I feel will resonate with the other party… go check out my tweets this week @wholovesyarbaby

Social media engagement is about exactly that… living in the moment & keeping it real… essentially if you don’t have a sense of humour you’re screwed!

Anyways, back the mission, getting ready for the big days… final floor plan shows… they have turned the whole area around our stand into a coffee area… I’d selected it for my client E-goi because of it’s proximity to the Sales Force Workshop, figuring their brand would pull in those thinking about CRM & online engagement with customers… E-goi are new to the UK and so this position would help get their message out to a totally relevant audience.

At the time, the other areas were being sold as stand space… now the whole area is a café, we also are in line of sight of the FSB Workshop area and a bunch of others…

How do we max the space we have been given? Do we open up on the café side, have no walls & boundries? Please view the above and offer us some advice below… or tweet @wholovesyarbaby & Tiago as he’s setting up today…

Thank you.


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16 thoughts on “How to make the most of your EXPO stand #TBS2014

  1. The increase in footfall and the fact that visitors remain static for a few minutes could offer a great captive audience and opportunity for the brand to get recognised.


    1. John

      I would open up as far as you can, the objective of the show is to have as many conversations (preferablbly with the right people) as possible.

      The issue is more how to use banners exhibits etc to best effect but opening up gives you more space and more opportunity, the only thing to watch is that the space around you is not used as a rubbish dump


  2. I was at a conference yesterday in Yorkshire, which is ontoday too. The amount of badly designed and thought out stands in 2014 amazes me. People put so little effort in and then get annoyed when people look amazing next to them.

    I would get rid of the walls yes.

    Most important thing on any stand is the people not the recycling they give to everyone.

    Have at best a business card to give or a postcard, as the latter is useable as well as having your details on. But if useable it needs to look exciting too.

    Banners should state what you do, so many I saw and have seen hold so much text I walk straight past. So no cluttered design, no logos and icons at the foot of a banner and definitely do not put your url 6 inches off the floor.

    Be minimalistic and be bold and friendly, sweets interest people but not as much as friendly people who care about you and don’t sell but share information.


  3. Open the stand up, be engaging, smile and laugh.

    So many exhibitors appear standoffish and complete waste of money and presence them being at expos.

    By the coffee is a great place to be IF they make the most of it and welcome people 🙂


  4. I would agree with the above comment completely. This is a great opportunity and I would certainly open up the area between yourself and the coffee shop, become open plan and ensure there is lots of branding and literature in open view from the coffee shop seating area. People will natural browse around while drinking their coffee or waiting in the undoubtably long coffee queue. Make the most of this.


  5. John. The first answer as for so oft us all is….don’t start from here. Why are you planning or being forced to re plan 18 hours out! But it happens to all of us.

    It is key that your client is about people is there to press the flesh. Branding must not be ignored either.

    Walls. Yes you must embrace the coffee area. Open the side or more than one. Increase your seating area if possible and encourage lingering.
    Perhaps sit some of the staff down to look less intimidating.

    Branding. You still need a visible wall with a big logo. Given the long term game this is a key asset.

    People. If you can increase the number of staff do. Be proactive. Go into the coffee area and approach everyone. Handshake, smile, question. Take the data capture to the people also if allowed. This is normal procedure but must override almost all other activity in this situation.

    Do less. If you have something on the stand that is ignored for first hour, be prepared to reorganise and lose that feature. Replace with more handshakes.

    Sounds hugely Events 101, but actually simple and highly focused is the way you will avoid being ignored in this area which is both high traffic and high linger time.


  6. Hi Jon, looks like a golden opportunity to open up the space, no boundaries and invite people in to take the weight off and recharge/refresh (phone recharging points are always a good idea at these events).
    I noticed that you are opposite the entrances to some workshops and seminar halls, so will benefit from people queueing alongside your space, go for it. Remove the walls and let people in.

    all the best and let us know how it goes


  7. I agree, lose the walls to open up the stand, but I would still recommend some some free standing displays to tell the world what you do. Well stocked literature racks on the corners of the stands for those visitors who don’t want to talk or be sold to, but also smart, cheerful, informative staff on the stand for those visitors that do. Good Luck!


  8. Sadly this does happen when exhibitions have been under subscribed or turn out not to be as well supported as the organisers had hoped. You have had some good advice here so remember to keep your graphics simple and clear i.e. WHO you are and WHAT you do. I am sure if YOU are being used as the “eye candy” the stand will be busy 🙂


  9. Thank you all for your comments… got the sledge hammer out and having that wall removed as I type… back wall is also back wall for the coffee shop… just finalised my presentation, done a run through, timing works… will obviously go out the window on Friday!

    If you going up for the day, pop in and say hi… if you are around on Friday, 12:30 Hall 12 to hear all about my ONE BOAT Project and how I’m feeding the world 😉


  10. You can add a banner on the café side, with the name of the brand, your company’s vision and the logo, as people remember visuals more easily.

    Angele Amponsah


  11. All good advice above dude, always open up as much as possible, sorry I have not had chance to be involved in twitter convo and defo wont get over to see you as Accountex and Legalex are huge and I am running them both. Good luck mate!


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