Smallest hotel room in London

Smallest hotel room in London

When I take part in exhibitions in London I usually travel back to Windsor and my own bed…

And looking at the room I had last night I remembered why?

I stayed over as working with my client from Portugal and so we went for a meal and talked football & motor bikes 😉

Here is the view at 10:30 last night…

Room with a view

And again at 6am this morning…

Room with a view

I woke at 5am, have watched the BBC news and thought I’d scribble a few words to keep me busy while I wait for the agreed meet up time… I’d much rather be walking the dog round Windsor Great Park before catching the 7:20am back into town!

charlie windsor great park

Think I go shower and take a stroll round Kensington Gardens before breakfast… perhaps a dip in the Serpentine might cheer me up!

Tune into @wholovesyarbaby for more news from today’s #TBS2014 expo.

Thank you.


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