i love windsor new website

There’s a new website in Royal Windsor, I do love Windsor

I love Windsor, have done for years… been here since 1995, a whole lifetime…

I’ve been talking to one of my friendly retail pals and decided to get back to basics and sell a few products of my own. He makes ‘em, I flog ‘em… a match made in heaven 😉

Spent today laying the foundations and once we’ve nailed down the range and added a few more images, I’ll be ramping this up and making my first million off the tourists this summer…

Go take a look around… if you have images you’d be happy to share let me know and I’ll discuss your offer with Brian… we’ll make a joint decision on who & what we can roll with… obviously if it’s a “no thank you” it will be his fault and if it’s a come on down it will be because I persuaded him to give you a chance 😉

This will be a fun project this summer & with any luck, a serious business next.

Thank you.

Jonathan L DaveyJonathan L Davey
Social Media Directors Limited
“Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!”
Producer of The Berkshire Blog & The Windsor Daily
Creator of Slow Business Networking & The ONE BOAT Project
07717 820823 @wholovesyarbaby

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