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European Elections 2014 #whyivotedgreen

Who did you vote for and why?

Spoken to a few people today who couldn’t be arsed to vote… nothing changes so why bother?

Personally I’d like to see Parliament full of Independent candidates and slow down the pace of things a bit, for everyone’s sanity… the way we live our lives at the moment is not healthy, just look at all the people with a zillion disorders caused through stress of some description… slow things down and allow people to enjoy their lives… that’s part of the reason I voted Green…

10 years ago the Green Party was like UKIP today, a bit of a laughing stock… but in Europe today they are taken seriously and so as far as Europe is concerned, Green was the way to go for me… I like Farage’s spirit and ability to stand up to onslaughts from many directions, that takes heart… he stormed all over Nick Clegg in the TV debates but they are not respected in Europe… on Twitter last night #whyivotedgreen was getting 10 tweets a minute and #whyivotedukip 40 a minute while #whyivotedconservative, #whyivotedlabour & #whyivotedlibdem were not even in the conversation, with 0 tweets!

People were taking the mickey which would have made them smile & think fondly of UKIP… generating votes…

Personally I’d like to see us out of Europe, for the same reason I want to see Independent candidates in Parliament… variety is the spice of life and with many random people, small businesses thrive, everyone has enough customers to drive their businesses forward… with a corporate mind set only 10% of people have jobs and unless you have completed form 173, 248, 719 & 999 then you are not allowed to tender, so all the small business go bust, 1% of the population own all the wealth and there is ultimately civil war as the people say enough is enough, we need to eat or die trying… a little alarmist maybe but just ponder the reality for a moment.

What did you vote & why or don’t you talk of such things in public?

Thank you.


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