social media influence

Social Media Influence

Social Media Influence discussion workshop Thursday 26th June, 10:00 while 12:00 Keen Dicey Grover, Iver SL0 9BH

Use the phrase “social media” with different people and you’ll get a range of reaction…

Some believe it is the future of sales & marketing where you wait for decision makers to engage with you through a process of thought leadership articles & activities, ensuring they are 8 steps down a 10 step decision process before they knock on your door… if it were only so easy!

Others think it the actions of naive youth, sharing every thought as it occurs with no real long term strategy, simply mindless rants not worthy of and serious consideration.

The reality is we’re getting closer to the first than the later but there is still plenty to be learned and the only way to learn more is to be open to hear the thoughts of others.

For this reason I am creating a new workshop where seven minds will come together and share ideas…

You don’t have to be a social media guru to join in, you can be a complete novice, simply interested in learning new things… but to ensure we have an interesting mix of people I asked you to complete the form below and I’ll contact you to discuss further…

Thank you.

07717 820823

kdg keen dicey grover chartered accountants

Gareth Davies Gareth Davies FCA of Keen Dicey Grover, Chartered Accountants in Iver, is looking for more new business owners & those running more established companies, who are looking for a new accountant. Someone who knows how to ensure you are maximising your tax position fairly, without taking any silly risks, ensuring your actions will not come back to bite you on the proverbial bum! A nice chap, who takes pride in his profession while at the same time charging a fair price for the work he undertakes.

He happens to have a spare office where we can host our event… give him a call with any accountancy related questions you may have… 01753 652098.

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