englands year positive thinking

Rolling out your marketing strategy…

Late yesterday afternoon I received a tweet @windsordaily from @muddybootsmusic telling me about a new England song they’d written, produced & animated…

Could it be “England’s Year” & even your year? Read on…

Reminded me of a pal of mine @Rayguitarman who has been involved in a couple of football tracks over the years… he’s grown into bigger things and just a few weeks ago was playing to 120,000 people in Brazil!

Turns out, Brazil are going to be getting a new beer thanks to some International brewers networking, called “Wembley” while in Windsor we’re going to be enjoying “Maracana” as England put 3 each past Italy, Uruguay & Costa Rica 😉

@WindsorEtonBrew have been thinking about this for years and are now ready for the World Cup…

@Rayguitarman has been dreaming of music for years, that’s why he’s at the top of his profession…

@muddybootsmusic is just getting out of the starting blocks and will learn a ton of lessons around this World Cup they can apply to the next World Cup… they’ll certainly be getting a ton of help from their friends…

To get your marketing strategy rolling you may need a little help… but your current friends may well be more interested in singing along to “England’s Year” and drinking Maracana than your business plan!

What I can do is:

• help you think through who your market place is and how best we approach them
• assist you in laying down a blog with key information points for potential clients
• produce an email newsletter that allows your fans to stay connected
• open up your social channels so people can choose how they engage with you
• knock on the doors of those who might be interested & saying hello
• introduce you to those who may well be interested in knowing more
• keep refining the process until it’s as smooth as a baby’s bottom… can we say that in 2014 😉

I’m an ICE BREAKER, I say hello to strangers so you don’t have to… while organising your blog & social channels so all you need to do is focus on being the best you can be at what you do so once folk have tried you, they come back for more…

OK, you’ve earned it, here’s the track and click the beer icon to buy more beer 😉

windsor and eton maracana brazilian blonde beer

If you’d like to use some maps of the world cup then simply download them here, thanks to my partners over at Maps4News…

world cup stadiums

world cup teams

If you’d like the vector maps of the countries taking part, the Brazil map of all stadiums or individual maps of each stadium let me know…

And should you need a promotional gift to help boost awareness of your services then pop over and fill in our Promotional Gift Ideas form…

uv tester advert bulk prices

Let me know how I can be of service…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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