two wise monkies

Two Wise Monkeys do a spot of Slow Business Networking

David & Stephen have been around the world of networking for many years…

David McCulloch used to have his own motorbike tyre shop in Australia before coming over to the UK & becoming a Business Link man while exploring his own unique training methodology geared around Football Clubs.

Steve Catchick is ex IBM, who enjoys training, coaching and speaking which this picture clearly demonstrates 😉

We’d just been sharing a few thoughts when I came up with a great analogy for when corporate executives leave the comfort of HQ to start their own business. I compared it to a zoo lion being released into the wilds of Africa… losing the title & the regular monthly payments into their accounts…

These two wise monkeys can help you find your way in the urban jungle if you need a guide…

20+ enjoyed last Friday’s Slow Business Networking in Maidenhead, go book for our next session…

Thank you.


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