Need help generating more business enquiries?

People often ask me how I can help their business… I guess there are two main elements to what I can do for you to help generate more business enquiries…

Firstly via Social Media Engagement:

  • By pushing out regular content to my network through The Berkshire Blog which has nearly 500 people signed up to receive my blogs & 1000+ will visit the site in any given week.
  • I can then include these postings as part of my email newsletter which goes out to 5000+ business people, mainly based in Berkshire
  • Relevant discussions can be posted on my Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group to drive further engagement, we have 2500+ members
  • This content & any random comments are posted via Twitter, I have 3 channels reaching 4700 people
  • “Content is King”
  • o I can get involved in the content creation for smaller organisations
  • o And hook you up with relevant agencies if your needs are more corporate
  • o Key is we need some content & the more regular the flow the better

Then “Smiling & Dialling”:

  • Making proactive calls to my 5000+ database, qualifying specifically around your offering
  • Physically knocking doors on local industrial estates, if it makes sense
  • Taking part in relevant business exhibitions, including negotiating stand prices
  • Networking on your behalf at targeted events
  • Passing all leads back to an intelligent life force that can follow up with expert advice… I can’t know everything about the different products I’m involved with and so don’t pretend and pass on as soon as there is a glimmer of hope that a more experience ear could turn the opportunity into something of value.


I’m happy to do the social media engagement bit for £247 a month based on your people proving all the content at their own speed… we’d push out weekly blogs if content delivered.

Content creation & “Smiling & Dialling” is dedicated time I treat as consultancy because I’m not a robot making 100 calls a day… I engage my brain, personality & network to your advantage and this comes in at £500 per day with the opportunity to negotiate a reduce rate for a regular commitment.

Let’s talk about what you need…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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