coffee in the berkshire blog lounge

Fancy at coffee next Thursday at #TVExpo?

Thames Valley EXPO takes place this coming Thursday 12th June 2014 at Windsor Racecourse and we’d like to invite you along for a coffee in the Berkshire Blog Lounge…

Of course you can bring a friend, bring 2… but in the lounge you need to be talking to strangers 😉

floor plan thames valley expo header

None of this hanging with your pose, you need to be reaching out to say hello to new people…

It’s a butterfly free zone, they need to flutter around on the racecourse… we’re looking to get real business people talking to each other…

We’ll be slow business networking… so 8 minute chats with each other rather then 30 seconds… leave that to the new kids on the block, we’re looking for those with a pedigree and the right form to win the long race 😉

Also looking for half a dozen to join us for the Dragon Boat Race… or to make a contribution to our fund…

networking101 dragon boat


Thank you.

07717 820823

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