connecting your network to businesses in berkshire

Would your network like more business connections in Berkshire, UK?

Berkshire is West of London, it starts approx 20 miles from the centre of London & is 50 mile “wide” East to West and let’s say 20 miles “high” North to South. There are in excess of 40,000 businesses in Berkshire and is the 2nd only to London from a business opportunity view point.

I publish my first email newsletter on 20th February 2002, almost 4500 days ago! Last year we created a new blog, in 2008 we started a LinkedIn Group and more recently still a Twitter feed. Thousands hear our news every week and many are looking for new market places in which to develop their businesses…

What we’d now like to do is hook up with networks around the UK & Internationally…

We can the share your networks news with our audience, this will resonate with some and they will be drawn to knock on your door… readers may need something you have or they may be looking for new connections in your area, either way a new contact has been made that might prove valuable in the future.

I think the best way for this to work would be initially on an adhoc basis…

So keeping with our traditional model, we’ll charge £247 for 5 hours of our time, this might be producing an article for onward distribution to our network, via the blog, newsletter & twitter channels, creating conversations on LinkedIn as appropriate… see what’s on offer here…

Perhaps this is 4 blog posts, provided by your network, posted weekly and then at the end of the month an email, sharing all 4 blogs, is sent to our email newsletter database, relevant questions asked of our LinkedIn Group, tweets sent & follow up phone calls made to those showing an interest… excellent value!

June is a special month, what with Royal Ascot taking place, so as an introductory offer we’ll happily offer a 2 for 1 deal… pay for 1 month / promotion, get another month free 😉

Everyone a winner…

Complete the form above and we can work out how best we can help your network.

Also, join our International Business Networks LinkedIn Group…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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