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WordPress Webdesigner Wanted

Alliterations are cheesy I know.  In this case, it is the easiest way to summarise what I’m looking for.

I currently have a website for bakuba which is broadly ok, but if you look at the ‘dresses’ tab you will notice that it is slightly out of date.  The competition is over, everyone who entered has been notified and the winning dress is under construction (it’s the flared one btw if you missed that news).

The out-of-dateness of the site is something that needs to be fixed.  And as the range of bakuba clothes expands, there will be more and more updates and I would like to make sure the site always as up to date as possible.

I am very familiar with the WordPress platform from my travel blog and had considered building my site in WordPress myself before I started trading.  I struggled with reviewing all the available themes to find the one that most resembled my preferred look and then working out how to customise the one that did.  Now that I’m trading, I have even less time to wade through WordPress themes – it has taken a week for me to write this since I discussed it with John!

If you are or know a web designer who works with the WordPress platform then pitch to me below, use the comments section and tell me why you think you / they are the one to give me the perfect site. If you can keep it brief & to the point, I will review all in a week or so and contact you if I’d like to discuss things in more detail. (This way more people will read what you can do!)

I will pay someone to do this for me and you could be that someone.

Thank you.


Natasha HigmanNatasha Higman

3 thoughts on “WordPress Webdesigner Wanted

  1. I went and looked at your Bakuba site briefly. I am wondering how your payment gateway works out since the site is not SSL nor E-commerce. I did see the submission form. I would really recommend you to consider getting away from WordPress and taking a hard look at a true E-commerce platform on SSL with an online and secure payment gateway. Examples of this would be Magento, PrestaShop, TomatoCart, ZenCart, OS Commerce etc. Alternately, you could also build on Drupal or Joomla with extensions. A proper build would allow for secure online purchasing with a clever user interface for selecting color, contrast, size and more. It would also be easily scalable to handle increasing your offerings. Additionally, it would provide you with a built-in customer support system and statistics. You can take a look at our most recent E-commerce build as it might give you a general idea… One last thing I forgot to mention, I noticed your Facebook presence and if you do run SSL you can “embed” your E-commerce site on an HTML tab on your facebook page for additional marketing exposure. Cheers and good luck to you whatever you decide upon 🙂


  2. Hi Natasha,

    I understand your preference to stick with the WordPress platform as you already have experience in using it. We can build you a professional new site using WordPress, and utilise the WooCommerce extension to give you all the eCommerce functionality you could require. We have used this combination to produce many successful websites that our clients find easy to manage and update themselves.

    We also ensure all our websites are “responsive” (so that they display perfectly on mobile phones and tablets etc as well as PCs), and are optimised for SEO – giving your site the best chance of being found by potential customers.

    We work with our clients to produce websites that they love, and fulfil their purpose – offering our advice, but always respecting their wishes.

    If you have any questions or would like to discuss it further please give us a call (0118 935 7363) or email us.


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