world cup winning dragon fuel sponsor

World Cup Winning Brazilian Blonde sponsors our Dragon Fuel

Great news, after years of tough negotiations, we’ve finally secured sponsorship for our Dragon Boat rowers…

Windsor & Eton Brewery will be providing us with dragon fuel in the form of their World Cup WINNING Maracana Brazilian Blonde Beer 😉

maracana brazilian blonde beer

This means that our Dragon Slayers, OK rowers, will be refuelled after each heat… obviously assuming we don’t make it passed the first round… god forbid… if we do we’ll have to get professional and move onto water toned down with a splash of some magical spirit!

So on the 29th June, as our 18 rowers take to the Olympic rowing waters of Dorney Lake… after each heat, those that took part will be re-fuelled by wrapping their lips around a Brazilian Blonde 😉

networking101 dragon boat

We could still do with another half dozen rowers if you’re up for it?


I’ve known Willy for years, he approached me about coaching my son’s football team when he was just starting his playing career, that’ll be 9 years ago! Well I think what happened was I was nearest the touchline when he went you, come here… the rest as they say is history…

They don’t just sponsor anybody, they can’t, everyone wants a slice but their margins are tight and they need to sell more beer… then they can give more to the community…

I’ve run a few stories since they started & connected them up with a few people which has helped them to help me… that’s cricket…

I get loads of charities asking me to help for free when the person asking is on a salary… why should small business owners be expected to dig deep 24/7 when the charities do nothing to reciprocate? Now if a charity said, you do this for me, I’ll do this for you… now we’re talking… stop just taking & start thinking of how it needs to be a two way street for everyone to get the most out of it.

Thank you.


P.S. Do you need a World Cup Twitter Banner?

One thought on “World Cup Winning Brazilian Blonde sponsors our Dragon Fuel

  1. Jonathan,

    Good news getting beer for the supporters. 

    As you know I am going to try to come along to support you but will have to leave about mid afternoon. What is the timetable for the day?




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