Copacabana Beach Rio de Janeiro from hotel

Are you creating a World Cup WINNING Business Beat?

Will your samba be the one chosen by the World Cup WINNERS to conga around the Maracana Stadium and along Copacabana Beach on the day of the final 😉

Or are your drums playing a little softly at the moment… do you need to turn up the volume so that people can hear what you have to offer?

My role, as an ICE BREAKER, is to open a few doors, turn on a few radios in the homes of decision makers, so that the beat of your drum is heard above the drums of your competitors and at the very least, 1000+ more people know what you do after we have played your track on our virtual channels for a month or two…

People deal with people they know like & trust, so helping you press the flesh is very important and after years of evolution (our newsletters have been going out since 20th February 2002… today is literally 4,500 days since that very first email!), we have come up with a unique, scalable model that will really add some serious power to your elbow 😉

englands year positive thinking

The best thing we can do is organise a FREE networking event that has you at the centre, the seed that needs to be germinated through the tender love and attention of those who want to see your flower bloom.

You can’t hurry love so we call our monthly events “Slow Business Networking” events… 15-30 people turn up and talk to each other over a 2 hour period and you are seen as the organiser, so everyone gets to know what you do.

slow business networking

These can be topped & tailed with a seminar and / or a lunch, depending on the nature of the audience we are looking to attract for you… you would charge for the lunch & probably for the 1 hour seminar on a topic that will attract the ears of those interested in the subject… the lunch costs money & charging for the seminar ensures it is only those truly interested that turn up.


We’ll also encourage you to create content that we can deliver out to our readers, 500 registered for this, our new blog, 5000 who get our email newsletters… in the perfect world you will create a weekly blog which we share across the channels… you may already have web content that can be tweaked or we may start from scratch… we’ll create some foundations and you can add golden nuggets of information which will show our readers you really know what you are talking about when it comes to this, that or the other…

Obviously we’ll tweet this stuff out to our nearly 2,000 @wholovesyarbaby twitter followers… plus 3 other channels, total over 4,800 followers…

And we’ll encourage you to post links to your blog post on our blog & ask an engaging question of our Business in Berkshire LinkedIn group which has over 2,500 members…

All stacking up to over 10,000 people being exposed to the beat of your drum every week, should you choose to optimally engage with our listeners 😉

maracana copacabana rio de janeiro

This has to be the “Best deal in town” since we only charge £247 per month which means, if you just produce 1 blog a month, it would be costing you around 2.5p to communicate with each person… which would end up being around ½ a penny if you max this and blog weekly.

We’re happy to smash these prices even further if you pay £1000 up front for 6 months promotion… that’s a 33% discount… you’d best get with our World Cup beat 😉

We can discount because our job is kicking your butt to make sure we can do our job… we already have the listeners and new people tune in each day… it takes a long time to build up your regular listeners & this media channel is 4,500 days old today!

Call me and let’s talk about how we make you more famous than you were yesterday! 07717 820823

Or complete the form…

Thank you

07717 820823

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