tour de yorkshire pool in wharfedale to otley

Ye Olde Tour de Yorkshire

When I were nought but a lad I remember cycling down from Bramhope to Otley on my brand new Carlton Criterium with my two pals who had similar Raleigh bikes…

I had to save up a third of the money, doing paper rounds and cutting the lawn, recall it costing me £33 and my dad £66 in our 2 for 1 deal back in the day 😉

What a hill that is to cycle down, Tour de France team orders style! Obviously the main Tour de France, which sets out from Leeds on 5th July 2014, isn’t including Pool Bank (1), or the more difficult Old Pool Bank (2), or even the Leeds Road (3) down hill glide into Otley… on their way to Harrogate… the race organisers have gone for the far more leisurely Pool Road (4), taking them along the River Wharfe valley bottom… don’t want to tire the lads out too soon… it’s well steep that Old Pool Bank 😉

The local tourist board have produced a video…

Mum sent through a link to above & a story with some great pics of the locals building up to the main event… the kids have designed some banners… Tour de France Community Arts Project – ITV Calendar News excellent fun…


If you’d like to create your own maps of the Tour de France for your hard copy newspaper, magazine or online publication, click on the maps below or fill in the form & I will ensure my guys at Maps4News get you what you need…

tour de france stages 1-3 tour de france stage 1 tour de france stage 2 tour de france stage 3

Enjoy the tour this year…

Thank you.


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