slow business networking binfield stag and hounds neil oldcorn

Do you enjoy business networking?

Business networking is not about how many are in the room but are they the right people… for God’s sake don’t tell the pink pig resellers that 😉

slow business networking binfield stag and hounds dawn stuart emma

I know, most of them are probably very lovely people but everyone knows someone who can do that already! I’d rather like to attract fewer quality individuals to our networking events… people who have a unique angle, love what they do and want to share with others similarly passionate about what they do.

Sorry about the sound… turn up the vol… must have had my finger over the mic!

Stuart Young is hosting the Slow Business Networking event at the Stag & Hounds in Binfield… what a beautiful venue… Henry VIII had it as a love shack baby yeah! A dozen of us enjoyed his hospitality today… great work…

Continuing with the music theme… Louise Herrington gave an accountancy performance to die for… are you a musician in need of an accountant?

Dawn Banbury, representing the FSB in the RG postcodes… I did try to give her some SL contacts but she said she couldn’t cross the line as Paul Mes was on border patrol! And we don’t want tears 😉

She told us a great story about Ladies Day and how one of the pubs she deals with has their own ladies day where the local blokes wait on the ladies for the day… well, until mid afternoon when they call all be found in a pile out the back snoozing to their hearts content!

ascot royal crowds 2011

Anyone been to Royal Ascot this year… do any good? Just had email from Robin Lawrence, tells me he owes me a drink after scoring a result yesterday!

Third on my race card for the day was Emma Young, Stuart’s better & much wiser half… she helps companies evolve their CSR strategies and shared a story about knitting things together in Peterborough for Waitrose… I thought that the only thing that Peterborough had to offer was sugar beat 😉

Don’t worry if you missed this month’s Binfield instalment, there is always next month… Friday 18th July… BOOK HERE >>>

And if you’re around Maidenhead next Friday, join us at Foundation Park…

Carla Delaney will be running a session on getting the most out of video and she knows how to help you get the most out of video… an Award winning journalist who made every home safer due to a change in the law that she made happen by knowing how to kick Tory / Labour political arse!

1000 Better Ways Foundation Park carla delaney

See you next week…

1. Turn up 2. Smile 3. Try and make someone’s day…

Leave the pigs at home & come and tell us why you do what you do?

Thank you.

07717 820823

P.S. Who’s are the blokes in the photo above… prize for the first entry to show you are listening… other prizes to be had as the mood takes me… make an interesting comment… thank you.

4 thoughts on “Do you enjoy business networking?

  1. Hello John
    I like that you keep in touch and I like networking because I am happy to meet with people.
    However what I notice is many net workers are seeking for buyers instead of understanding that every individual may not buy from them but they will know several people that will.
    Referral and reccomendation are the best sales tools.
    Keep up with the good work you are doing a good job..
    Kind regrds Tim


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