david shaw mbe

Community Fundraising & Sponsorship in Berkshire

Who do you turn to when you need to raise some money for a community project? Or sponsorship for an individual?

Let me introduce my friend David Shaw MBE

I’ve got to know David Shaw through Rotary and he is a jolly nice chap.  He has done a great deal of work for charity over the years, he can’t help it, it’s in his DNA… what he’d now like to do, with a bit of help from his friends, is turn his God given talent of being able to communicate with people at all levels… from the kids that join his Scout troop all the way through to Windsor Castle where he asked to help out from time to time.

Please take a few minutes to watch his video so you know he’s not full of baloney but actually alright for a northern lad made good… then read below, see what he can do for you and yours & then invite him round for a cup of tea to discuss your project and get a bit of goss from the Castle 😉

Projects mentioned in the video: Bear’s Rails, Windsor Parish Church Tower Appeal, now for the organ! He forgot to mention his MBE, typical! I’d best do that then… well done that man.

Now in his words…

Introducing you to our fundraising services and sponsorship packages for:

  • charities
  • local businesses
  • organisations
  • schools
  • clubs
  • social events
  • sports events

We can help you…

  • get started
  • develop a campaign
  • keep the momentum going
  • get the right results
  • work with celebrities
  • communicate with the right people
  • organise PR events

How to contact us…
Please feel free to seek advice and help from:

David Shaw MBE
Head of Fundraising
Fundraising Sponsorship Services
e: david.a.shaw25@btinternet.com
t: 01753 855073
m: 07740 797281
153, Clarence Road, Windsor, Berkshire SL4 5AP



  • Identify and agree what funds are needed
  • for general repairs
  • capital projects


  • To raise specific funds
  • grants
  • businesses
  • individuals
  • local societies
  • stakeholders
  • friends and patrons


  • Develop strong links with the local community and businesses
  • Be open to change and understand that things cannot remain as they are
  • Volunteers have limited resources
  • Engage a self funding consultant to provide a full time focus on creating regular income streams and funding for capital projects


  • Obtaining grants – UK and European
  • Fundraising consultancy
  • Capital campaigns and major gift fundraising
  • Researching donors
  • Corporate, corporate social responsibility and sponsorship
  • Legacy services
  • Revenue and community fundraising
  • Provide professional event management for fundraising events
  • Promote all team facilities and events
  • Linking with local businesses
  • Friends scheme
  • Patrons scheme
  • Obtain sponsorship
  • Managing Public Relations opportunities
  • Improving signage and appearance
  • Linking with local VIP’s and Celebrities
  • Hosting community gatherings to link community groups and businesses
  • Create new funding opportunities
  • Create a database of local community organisations and businesses
  • Encourage community spirit – giving something back to your community through working together
  • Facilitate seminars to share ideas and learn from good practices

Contact David on 07740 797281, email above or fill out the form below.

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