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Starting a new business in Berkshire?

If you are starting a new business in Berkshire then you need to talk to me, Jon Davey on 07717 820823… I can help you get off to a flying start 😉

For many years I was a salesman, knocking on doors and saying hello to strangers for the benefit of my clients… I still love meeting new people but what I tend to do today is invite them to come and hang out in my community…

  • I host a blog, this one… www.theberkshireblog.com is the latest version of my website, first created in 2004 which in 2008 had 5,000,000 page views! Using wordpress means that you can sign up for our blog and receive the stories to your in box as we post them on the blog… 500 have signed up since launching in July 2013… currently averaging 1000 visitors a week.
  • I push our email newsletters to over 6,000 people as we have something to say, sign up at www.binbnews.co.uk. While we send out multiple emails a week, the subject line makes it clear what the main theme is and so you can ignore or open as you choose.
  • And we also have a Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group which has over 2,500 members, come join in the conversations… www.businessinberkshire.co.uk takes you to the front door.
  • I have a few twitter channels, my primary one being @wholovesyarbaby which has over 2,000 followers.
  • We’ve been trialling a new form of networking which is getting great feedback, Slow Business Networking, where attendees get 7-10 minutes to talk with someone new, after you’ve talked to 3 or 4 people we invite one of the attendees to tell the whole room a story… we then repeat this cycle & after 2 hours you’ll find you’ve enjoyed conversations with around 10 new people and feel refreshed and ready for the next thing on your agenda…

natasha higman bakuba blog header

Before the party begins we’ll discuss with you your plans and throw some spanners in the works from our own experience, just for your reference, your direction is your direction… the key to success is going to be your passion for what you do, without it others will struggle to believe in you.

Even if you think you have a clear plan, six months in you will have a much better one and that is a far better time to start thinking quality website… before that you are potentially wasting your money… we’ll encourage you to simply start a blog which can be free, just costing you a few quid for a domain name.

slow business networking

To get your party started, if you’re up for it, we’ll set up a Slow Business Networking event where you are the host… this makes you the centre of attention and therefore increases the number of people that know about you and your business.

We coach you in the art of social media & creating relevant content which we then share with the whole of our network… so if you shot a video every week & added 250 words we’d get that out to 10,000+ people, EVERY WEEK… reality is you’ll probably produce something monthly… but in 2014, if you are looking to grow a business, you need to learn how to make the most of online channels… you can’t pretend they don’t exist 😉

As well as this, we’ll hook you up with those people at the front of our mind that you should have a cup of tea with and any new people we bump into, we’ll bounce on to you as relevant.

linkedin workshop windsor 24th june

After six months of our assistance you’ll be well placed to crack on under your own steam… we’re always happy to help out a Berkshire Blog “old boy” or “old girl” 😉

And when you consider our pricing, £247 per month or £1000 up front, for all this coverage, you’d be mad not to seriously consider it as a way to get your party started.

Let’s talk about how I can help you get your business started…

07717 820823

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