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Slow Business Networking with a dash of speed!

Do you remember the good old days before speed cameras around every corner?

Sunroof open, radio on, full tank of gas… today, I think I’ll go to >>>

Driving was fun, speed cameras were a nightmare yet to be unleashed on a nation. Come and rekindle those far off sunny days of old… or simply come and try and be THE WINNER!

The venue: Absolutely Karting, Maidenhead
The date: Friday 8th August
Slow Business Networking: 09:00am while 10:30am
Briefing: 10:30am
Race Time: 11:00am
Cost: £30

Please call 0845 026 2466 between 9:30am & 6:00pm

Part of our Slow Business Networking event series, this one is gearing up around Bryan McCrae, award winning Sales Psychologist from Sales-Motivations who is keen to talk to Sales Directors / future Sales Directors about how his sales motivation & resilience programme can revitalize your sales team!

Saying that, you don’t need to be a Sales Director to come and join in, you just have to want to beat them! Any Marketing Directors think they’ve got what it takes?

We’ll be racing 270cc GT5 karts… the race format will be determined by the number of bookings we get… and will last 1 to 2 hours, again, depending on the numbers.

THE WINNER gets 4 weeks promotion on The Berkshire Blog, for their business or a favourite charity… obviously your name will be all over it as the current champion, ready to take on all challengers 😉

Pay above but also fill in form below if you’ve got what it takes to be a WINNER!

Thank you.

07717 820823

2 thoughts on “Slow Business Networking with a dash of speed!

  1. Hi Jon, The go-carting sounds exciting! … but I’m not a go-cart driver… any discount if you just want to a ticket-to-ride (not)… What’s the rate for cheer-leaders please?


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