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Not just any old Award WINNING Sales Training!

Would you like to boost your sales teams performance by 20%? Read on and request a demo if you like what you hear…

Combining coaching, workshops, e-learning & sales psychology training, we eliminate sales call reluctance and boost sales performance by 20%… and we have proof to match this claim. Trials of the program material have been carried out in two major multi-national corporations, one of which involved a sales force of over 1000 people! Read on…

  • Is your team always highly motivated, regardless of the challenges faced?
  • Do they all cope well with the pressures of hitting targets and dealing with challenging markets and customers?
  • Are they always as active as you want them to be?

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We utilise leading edge, scientifically proven tools, techniques and methods to assess and develop the complete range of sales and sales management activities based on expert knowledge and experience of the psychology of high performance selling and learning.

Because we know how well Sales-Motivations works we are very happy to offer a money back guarantee and NOBODY has asked for their money back 😉
Bryan McCrae, award winning Sales Psychologist from Sales-Motivations

This starts with our Sales Motivation and Resilience Questionnaire (SMRQ)
The SMRQ is specialist questionnaire for people who sell, focusing on how individuals deal with the psychological challenges of selling. It contains forty multiple choice questions and takes less than ten minutes to complete. The results are completely confidential to the participant and fully anonymous for management.

Regardless of levels of intelligence, knowledge, skills and experience, sales performance is hugely dependant on having a ‘Will Do’ attitude. The SMRQ examines the three fundamental factors of a winning sales attitude and mind-set: motivation, resilience and coping with the pressure of constantly working to achieve very measurable and visible targets in a highly competitive environment.

For a Sales Director, looking to get the best out of his team, SMRQ provides you with great insight into the foundations of success and information you’ll need to reduce staff absenteeism and increase turnover. Saving you from time out searching for new sales people & those dam hefty recruitment fees!

Using the SMRQ helps participants to become more aware that their sales performance is highly dependent on their motivation, resilience and ability to cope with the inevitable pressures of selling.

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Your team can review over 40 e-learning videos
Sales-Motivations have developed an online self-coaching learning system that builds motivation, resilience, ability to deal with pressure and as a result, sales performance. It is fully interactive, has over 40 videos, lots of quizzes and activities and integrates fully into your normal work activities. Including the exercises it is equivalent to two days training, but is used over at least six weeks. Managers can utilise it as a resource for coaching and mentoring their teams, using proven techniques.

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Balanced with our Sales Psychology Workshops
Are you looking for a workshop that will help your sales or call-centre team to be more motivated, resilient and higher performing?

Our half day interactive workshops are based on the latest proven psychological methods covering;

  • Your personal sales challenges
  • Perception vs reality
  • Thoughts Feelings and Behaviour
  • Ingredients of Sales Success
  • Ingredients of a Winning Attitude
  • What influences our motivation?
  • How to get and stay motivated
  • Dealing with set-backs and challenges
  • Building on your Success

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Coaching for high sales performance smooths out any gaps
Coaching is a highly effective approach to developing sales people and sales managers. It involves helping people in defining their goals, mapping out a strategy for their accomplishment and then providing regular guidance, encouragement and feedback, to ensure success. We often use cognitive behavioural coaching as an approach as it is a very practical and proactive approach that works well with addressing sales challenges such as call reluctance, stretching targets, cold calling and account development.

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Proof that Sales-Motivations boosts performance?
Trials of the program material have been carried out in two major multi-national corporations, one of which involved a sales force of over 1000 people. Results achieved include;

  • 20% growth in the number of salespeople ‘on target’
  • 30% growth in sales activity (face to face meetings)
  • 66% reduction in staff turnover
  • 27% improvement in ability to cope well with pressure

Imagine what this would do for your revenue, costs and profitability? Those targets would be smashed!

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Testimonials for Sales-Motivations
We have hundreds of users across many industries and continents including Banking, Pharmaceutical, Animal Medicine, Software, Publishing, Contract Sales, Industrial equipment, Industrial Services and Learning and Development.

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Thank you.

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