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Who goes to Slow Business Networking events?

Today it was Carla’s Slow Business Networking event at Foundation Park in Maidenhead… held on the last Friday of the month, it attracts between 15-30 business people.

Carla Delaney is an award winning business writer who is ready, willing & able to move into the world of modern journalism by videoing people’s stories… the key thing here is she isn’t just shoving a camera in someone’s face, she knows how to ask the questions to get the most from the conversation…

Today she interviewed Juswant Rai, Susan Flinders, Richard McKenzie, Nathan Gaskin & Stuart Young.

You’d best book yourself in for her next event so she can talk to you…
Carla’s Slow Business Networking…

See you next time…


2 thoughts on “Who goes to Slow Business Networking events?

  1. Just want to say Thanks so much Carla Delaney. I appreciate your gentleness (Jeremy Paxton you’re not!) Thanks also to Jon for creating an environment on line which makes it so much easier to talk to each other. As a result of today, I’ve braved making a public comment on Google +. For a technophobe like me that’s an ENORMOUS leap! Thanks once again… Shall make a point of getting in touch with those I met and overcoming my resistance! Best wishes to all, Franciszkax


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