matrix magazine august catherine foote

Some things money can’t buy…

I got an email today from my sister saying she’d been published in the August edition of MATRIX Magazine… a professional publication for the hairdressing industry.

She was mighty pleased… MATRIX sent her some products back in May after we had a conversation about the best way to balance the books… they’re even going to send her any spare copies of the Magazine so she can give them to prospective clients looking to make those all important hair changes 😉

MATRIX haircare products

Back in March they had published one of the pictures off her website without asking for permission and so began a journey of relationship building…

matrix magazine centre spread

On the 12th March I pushed out a blog asking for advice about the use of my sister’s web images by one of her corporate suppliers entitled “What are your picture rights in industry publications?”

15th April I followed this with a blog entitled “Playing by the copyright rules”.

Slow and steady wins the day… would have been easy to rant & rave over the social media channels… far better to be strategic about your engagements… everyone can be winners…

matrix magazine august catherine foote

Look at the magic she can work with MATRIX Optismooth…



Rachel came to see me last year with highlights in her hair. She wanted to have permanently straight hair.


Following a year growing out the bleach today was Optismooth day.


Very tight naturally curly hair with a frizz. Following a 4 hour treatment I have a very happy client.


It doesn’t seem possible but it is!! Frizz free smooth repaired hair. Now easy to manage.


If you need a hairdresser and you’re based in Yorkshire then visit my little sis…

If you need someone to fight your corner then join my gang 😉

Thank you.

07717 820823

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