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A BLOG a week makes you the go to GEEK!

When I came up with ICE BREAKER “Saying hello to strangers so you don’t have to!” I felt inspired… the strap line raises a smile & has gone down well with those I talk to… I can hear them smiling down the phone 😉

Well, that works with my sales head on… when I have my network building, Berkshire Blog hat on, I needed a different phrase so have allowed nature to take it’s course… trusting in the universe to deliver…

It did, last week, I was talking to someone and it just came out… I wrote it down because I knew I would forget it within the hour… sods law and all that!


When we need something, we invariably turn to the person we think will know the most about a subject for an answer… in reality, most of the time we’ll turn to Google but if we know someone, we’ll probably ping them an email as well… for clarity… and invariably, because you have them on their favourite topic, they will come back faster & with way more detail than Google… what a geek!

If new business owners write a blog a week then within the year their blog will be fighting it out with the best of them on Google… this means they will get enquiries from both the search engines & from people they know who defer to them as the go too geek on a topic.

If I am going to help people get better connected then they need to start scribbling blogs… I can help them by encouraging them to write about things that are important to them… get them over the hurdle of worrying too much about speling mistakes! We all make them and only a small percentage really care that much… one or two in an article is OK for most of the rest of the world… too many and you will have to go back to English classes 😉

So what is your business? Why are you doing it? Why do you love it? You don’t love it… do something else then!

Talk to me if you want to be this week’s go to geek for your favourite something 😉

Jon Davey
“A blog a week makes you the go to geek!”
07717 820823

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