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Rotary is made up a many different groups

I’ve given three presentations this week to different Rotary Clubs; Wokingham, Slough & Maidenhead Bridge. Talking about the ONE BOAT Project…

It’s interesting to see how different clubs operate… some following tradition with uniform & structure… others preferring a modern approach to meetings to fit in with their busy lives.

I love Rotary because those attracted to it tend to be of a positive nature, looking to help out where they can… obviously you get those who are big on rules & regs but they are needed to keep us mavericks in check 😉

Each club has indicated a desire to be part of the project which if fantastic… Wokingham & Maidenhead Bridge will come back to me shortly… during the meeting at Slough we worked out the best way for them to join in… the Butterfly River Walk… which could tie in nicely with another project I might be working on…

Slough Rotary started the Butterfly River Walk Together Walk a few years ago… I have promoted it via Business in Berkshire in the past… January I’ll be looking many volunteers to join in so we can win the largest team prize as well as raising a few thousand for ONE BOAT… hurrah!

I’d like to talk to other Rotary Clubs about ONE BOAT… those within District 1090 and a few miles from Windsor would be fantastic…

Thank you.


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