business in berkshire linkedin group statistics august 2014

Join our Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group

Why should you join our Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group?

Three jolly good reasons to join:

  1. We have nearly 2600 members who are ready, willing and able to engage with you in discussions… 8 discussions last week generated 61 comments…
  2. 56% of members are from Reading, with 20% from Slough… a very Berkshire centric group…
  3. Currently there are 244 jobs on our jobs board… plenty to choose from…

For those in jobs… increasing numbers of companies use it as the first point of research on potential candidates.

For those who are running their own businesses… LinkedIn offers a great resource for finding out about senior decision makers… what they have done in the past… what floats their boat!

By being a member of the group you increase your connectivity to key decision makers in Berkshire. is pointing at the group, take a look and join us today…

Thank you.


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