slow business networking gokarting in the pits

The Berkshire Blog Go-Karting Championships 1st round winner is…

Chris Dahl DipPFS was the winner of the first round in The Berkshire Blog Go-Karting Championships 😉

Next round, Friday 3rd October… you in?
Fill in the form below to show your interest, I will confirm nearer the date & you can then pay £30 for your place…

slow business networking gokarting race briefing
Our drivers in the first championship, in first name order were:

slow business networking gokarting racing

The morning started at 9am when we started networking, slow business style, 1 on 1, getting to know those in the room… this ensured there was no mercy on the track 😉

10:30am we changed into team colours and went along for a brief briefing… drivers are you ready?

We started with a 5 minute warm up & time trials… fasted was then first on the grid as 11 of us lined up for the first race of the day… yours truly in 3rd place…

We knew we’d had a race at the end of 20 minutes… I’d averaged 44.3km/h !

slow business networking gokarting end race1

David Claydon managed the fastest lap half way through (lap 22) of 22.95 seconds… we did 43 laps and my best time was 23.70… funnily enough also on lap 22… by which time there was only Chris Dahl in front of me… David & Gillian (thank you for the photos Gillian, my iPad was still on charge when I got home!) had taken each other out a few laps before, I could feel they would so just waited for the inevitable and waved them goodbye as Gillian spun and took David out!

slow business networking gokarting race 2

Race 2, we were all tired from Race 1 but this time it was reverse starting order… so Chris was right at the back with me… and Gillian was up front… Trisha had enjoyed Race 1 and chose to rest her horse power, so 10 of us powered off from the start…

slow business networking gokarting racing fast

End of lap 1 I was in 6th place… lap 9 I got a space and went into 5th… lap 19 and there was a mash up allowing me into 2nd spot… lap 34 Chris made a slight error and I was through… lap 36 it was my turn to get it a bit wrong and swoosh, Chris was past me on the chicane… I got it back the next lap but then oopppssss and I was 3rd… pulling back to 2nd just before the end…

What a great morning… new connections… great adrenalin… lost at least 3 lbs and got me two 2nd places… HURRAH!

slow business networking absolutely karting

Thank you


3 thoughts on “The Berkshire Blog Go-Karting Championships 1st round winner is…

  1. It was a great event. I was a first timer to the slow networking and it really does make a difference just spending that extra bit of time one to one. And as for the karting I think I just got a little over excited and kept crashing….I’m sure its the only reason I didn’t win!


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