Twitter Growing Pains 2014 #TGP2014

Thank you for the picture…

Research shows that we tend to become younger in our ways while engaging online…

Perhaps this helps to explain why so many talk such absolute twaddle on Twitter! Are many of us going through those teenage years all over again? When will we grow up and start sharing intelligent insights instead of just waffle?

One article I just read said in 2012 there were 500m twitter accounts sending 360m tweets, pop over to Wikipedia and they report 200,000,000 active users in 2013, making 500m tweets… that would make sense, 80% of any group is inactive, just signing up to be part of the crowd… with many signing up, sending half a dozen tweets, not getting a million followers within 24 hours and giving it up as too much like hard work?

What gets my goat are those claiming guru status who spend their time retweeting Mashable and other similar content regurgitators in the interests of thought leadership! Grow up and have your own unique thoughts please…

Can you hear the next line, coming like a steam train down the virtual tracks? I know what we need, we need Sherlock to suck up all this regurgitated goo and explain to us what we need to buy next… that’ll do it 😉

Is it not time simply to use this technology to engage in intelligent conversations?

Asking question like why does a flock of swallows fly as one or a shoal mackerel swim in unison? Are they mainlining into a universal force or simply using an internal silicon chip & processor to make those smooth moves?

The difference between man and the birds & the bees is that we have a soul, giving us the built in turbo option of free will… so as your mate turns left, you can go left or go right, just because…

But isn’t the flight of the birds majestic, why not give it a spin… so rather than bringing your ego to twitter just bring the moment, say what you think in real time, share those thoughts and let’s get some creative juices flowing around important topics…

We can then use a management tool, not to over analyse the randomness of our discussion but to enable us mere mortals to follow the dialogue more easily…

Join me & other like minded folk searching for intelligent conversation…

Thursday 4th September at 4PM GMT for 1 hour

Follow the conversation on #TGP2014

Better still, tune in via CrowdChat.com

We’ll have six questions… one from each of our hosts… but who are the hosts? They’ll appear now the foundations are laid & the flock is forming 😉

Thank you.


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