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How essential is resilience for sales success?

We’ve just completed some research into the most critical personal factors for sales success, carried out across several different organisations, markets and types of sales roles.

We are seeing some very illuminating initial results. If you are interested in growing sales performance then you will probably want to know about the findings.

The factor which we’ve found to be most highly associated with high sales performance is resilience.

Resilience is the ability to recover quickly from set-backs and to keep going in the face of challenges to achieve your objectives. It is more associated with high sales performance than both motivation and ability to cope well with pressure.

There are two aspects to resilience and its effect on sales performance.

The first is how badly a set-back affects performance. Imagine that a sales person loses a major deal. It is natural to feel down and demoralised in these circumstances, but does this result in just a small drop in activity levels or grinding completely to a halt?

The second aspect is how long does the drop in activity last for? It could vary from a few minutes to days, weeks or longer.

It is easy to see that the deeper the dip and the longer it lasts the more it will reduce sales performance.

So resilience is vitally important to sales success. But do you know how resilient you or you sales team really are and what could be done to grow resilience?

If you would like to find out you own resilience score, you can take our on-line Sales-Motivation and Resilience Questionnaire. It consists of forty simple questions and takes just a few minutes to complete. For just the next seven days you can take it for free (offer limited to one person per organisation).

When you have completed it, you’ll receive a personalised six page report describing your personal resilience score and what you can do to maintain or improve it.

Don’t forget, if you want to grow sales performance, that we offer assessment, workshop and e-learning solutions, that Boost sales performance by 20% using proven psychological techniques.

For more information and to request a free trial visit, email or call 0845 531 4125

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