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Join us for a CrowdChat on Twitter Growing Pains 2014 at 4PM TODAY!

What are you doing between 4-5PM today? Come and join us for a chat about Twitter and add your two penneth to what CrowdChat will turn into a logical readable summary of the conversation for all to enjoy after.

This is a first for me, an experiment in using technology to make sense of information… you hear all about BIG DATA… like NATO, hosting a conference in Wales today and knowing who’s in town… they set up measuring points, that I guess are listening into mobile channels, picking up the pings and then checking with your mobile operator if you are a nice local chap or some foreign Russian spy who is looking to listen in, so they redesign a Welsh town, install the kit at the cost of billions to the tax payers and listen to everyone’s conversations… forgetting the obvious that 80% of those attending will have Russian pals… OMG!

Anyway, back to reality and the use of SMALL BIG DATA… conversations on Twitter can be interesting but soon lose the attention of most of us mere mortals when more than a few topics, threads are involved at once… head spins round and you tune out!

What if you had an intelligent way of filtering the data, a PA on acid who could manage the flow in real time? And then report on the conversation after, giving a thorough, logical digest of the conversation… that would be cool right? Well that’s what this party is all about…

It’s just missing one ingredient… YOU… tune in via CrowdChat at 4PM… it’s an intuitive system, nothing scary, just let it hook up via your Twitter account & join in the conversation… we’ll all be new so don’t worry, just give it a go and we’ll end up with a really neat document at the end.

Format is…

I ask up to 10 questions during the hour… each of the co-hosts have submitted their questions to me and they will be there to respond to your absolutely brilliant answers!

I asked 8 really intelligent twitter pals to be co-hosts but they couldn’t make it, so these guys & gal will have to do 😉

I have included their Twitter summary and also how I know them… ordered in time we’ve known each other…

@chrismitchell Chris Mitchell
Relationship Director for The Royal Bank of Scotland. These are my views and not necessarily those of my employer.

Chris signed up for my Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group a bunch of years ago and adds value as and when he can… check out his Pinterest account to find his true passions!

@richard_y Richard Young
Managing Director UK & Ireland @PipelinerCRM. #Speaker, #Sales Consultant, Father. #SocialSelling #B2Bsales #CRM

Richard invested in one of my expo stands at an event we ran in Bracknell… we’ve been communicating ever since… he’s very social media savvy…

@imoyse Ian Moyse
Sales Dir. Workbooks, Board member Eurocloud UK, Gov. Board Cloud Industry Forum,TalkinCloud Top200 cloud channel expert,SMB Nation 150 wwide Channel Influencer

We met on LinkedIn… Ian lives in the clouds and is incredibly well connected… the best connected person I know who uses his network to drive business for his employer… very commercially savvy… was at a national BIG DATA event and he knocked Microsoft into second place in a social vote off 😉

@ociamark Mark Longbottom
people to people online and offline #socialmedia #creativity #expression helping you to locate, listen and engage with people that matter – love #coffee

Mark I met while looking for interesting groups on LinkedIn… he’s very uncommercial in his approach to social which means people actually listen and respond… he lives social media… can’t spell for toffee! He is the one person I know who will come up with a truly viral campaign at some point… he has the gift.

@mrstuartyoung Stuart Young
‘DO YOU HATE YOUR JOB?’ Free eBook here: & Tony Robbins fan! Check out my FB page here:

Stuart turned up to my very first Slow Business Networking event in Maidenhead at the end of January and he’s never looked back! He now hosts his own Slow Networking event in Binfield on the 3rd Friday of the month… he’d love to see you there in person!

@simonlporter Simon Porter
IBM Vice President for #SMB in Europe. Follow me for insights into how #IBM and IBM Partners bring value with #IT, #cloud and #analytics. Views are my own

Bumped into Simon a few months ago on Twitter… I was having some early morning tweet fests and he kept beating me to pushing out his first tweet of the day… turned out he was bouncing around Europe so wasn’t really up at 6am!

@seansweet Sean Sweet
Director of Blend, the outsourced marketing provider that helps SMEs achieve marketing success through sustained activity. Twitters to help SMEs help themselves

Sean joined our LinkedIn Group a few weeks ago and added some intelligent posts so figured he could bring some value to this project… and tease Mark with the toffees 😉

@helenwinder Helen Winder
MD at @Transireltd | – I work with people who want to achieve their goals. My Dreams are HUGE and yours should be too! #StrokeSurvivor

Helen is a friend of Mark’s and I noticed today we had no lady in our ranks… she’d been bigging us up via Twitter this morning so thought I’d ask her to join us, add some feminine charm to proceedings and keep us boys in order!

So 4PM today, be there or be having fun elsewhere 😉

Thank you.


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