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Twitter just grew up and became accountable!

Last week we hosted what is known as a CrowdChat on the subject of Twitter Growing Pains.

A number of different individuals, from a variety of backgrounds, came together for what was a jolly interesting chat… we had 41 at our peak, which I was very pleased with for a first event… read more about our hosts here…

I had 9 questions to pose over the period of 1 hour and the audience responded with 305 posts, answers to the questions and comments on the responses of others… you can view a summary here >>>

I really enjoyed it and the feedback was very positive… a few comments about lag but that is totally dependent on the system you are using, the bandwidth available and the gremlins in the machine!

For me it was very responsive on my laptop and not so on my favourite, if a little old, tower PC…

A few comments from our co-hosts:

Sean Sweet whose focus is Marketing…

Hi Jon

Great chat yesterday – really enjoyed it although it took a while to get to grips with the whole concept. Also was a bit hard to keep up with all comments, votes and so on.

Overall an experience worth repeating.

Thanks for organising.

Richard who is in sales said…

Hi Jon,

Great #TGP2014 session. Interesting to see how CrowdChat worked.

Once we got the hang of replying to the question it worked really well. It would be good if they extended that indenting slightly so that people could reply to an answer e.g. a 3 tier rather than 2 tier structure.

The updating seemed to lag behind Twitter at times but I guess that’s just teething issues.

I’d say it’s a success.

Mark who lives in the new world of social media…

Hi Jon

Sitting back and thinking about the experience there is loads to learn and loads of great positive things happening. I mentioned to Helen later yesterday how I saw this comment form someone on another chat I presume…

“Please don’t just dump links. SAY something meaningful about what you post!”

I think yours did what it should and had enough people involved and with time [20minutes] easy to pick up the ways of the software.

I think it needs an option to be able to @mention more people in a comment probably missed how to do that.

I love the hosting end and coaxing and corralling softly really works. I think less questions 6 or maybe 4, making sure everyone sticks to threads looks easy enough.

Works for me… thank you guys and gal for joining in the fun…

I’d suggest reviewing the chat we had and if your business could benefit from some answers to your burning questions & you need some shepherds to bring the flock, give me a call and let’s see what we can roll out for you…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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