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Talking Social Data with Sony & Barclays in 27 minutes…

Social Data: Turn insights into action

Business is a race in which the companies that best understand their customer will win. Brands are now in an enviable position of having a flood of new data available, yet only 40% are confident they’re using this effectively.

Social media data analytics provides an unprecedented opportunity to gain an in-depth view of your customer, and generate actionable insight which can drive future business decisions and strategy.

Join us for our free webinar with Sony and Barclays on Thursday 11th September (1pm GMT). The 45-minute live debate will delve into this already critical area of corporate social media and will help you learn how to:

  • Tap into your digital grapevine: Generate valuable customer insights embedded within the wealth of social data
  • Establish a framework of social insight delivery: Ensure you distribute the actionable insight you build to the relevant business departments
  • Integrate social data to augment cross organizational processes: Align both your social and traditional data analytics to help generate a comprehensive customer profile

There will be live polling and streaming of questions to ensure the discussion is as informative, engaging and relevant to you as possible. Join the webinar here for free

Expert panelists include:

Tim Lion
European Head of Social Media


Lucy Wren
Head of Social Media


Sarah Marshall
Social Media Editor
The Wall Street Journal

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