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Scottish Referendum : What are you passionate about?

When we are engaged in things that we are passionate about then time flies and we have an abundance of energy, we don’t care what time it is!

We are intrinsically motivated, it’s internal, we can’t help it, it’s who we are…

When we do things that we find dull & boring there is a disconnect, it’s like walking through mud and that second hand is like a minute hand… we can’t wait for clocking off time so we can dash off and do something completely different instead.

Someone handing me a form, that’s heavy duty to me! But my wife’s brain is quite happy to tick the relevant boxes and get it done… her thing is getting it right… she needs to know all the answers or it bugs the hell out of her… me, I go with the nearest answer or the one that feels right so I can move on… team work!

The last few years have been very difficult as I’ve turn to one person after another who feels weighed down by the world, unable or unwilling to make a decision… but we have now hit a juncture in time, growing out of passions that are being raised by the Scots and talk of devolution… the whole energy has changed for the better.

It’s funny how if a Scotsman gets passionate about Scotland that’s OK, it’s expected, they’re Scots… but if an Englishman gets passionate about England he is immediate classed a racist and everyone goes quiet…

I’m loving this Scottish Referendum as you can feel the energy come from the TV… I was living in Scotland when Brave Heart premiered, in Stirling where the “Battle of Bannockburn” was fought and the Scots won the day… needless to say I kept my mouth firmly shut as I left the testosterone filled Stirling cinema that evening!

Watching Alex Salmond calmly present his corner, while Alistair Darling scrambles desperately for some high ground… Cameron and co knowing they are on the losing side and only now appreciating what that will actually mean to the UK and to their place in history.

From what I hear, Salmond is not a very nice chap, chances are he’ll get ousted shortly after he wins the day… but that doesn’t matter… it’s not about him, it’s about change…

Scotland splits off, the people of England, Wales & Ireland get very interested in politics for the General Election where the current cohort of weak willed, corporate sponsored, branded sheep will be seen for what they are, traitors to the UK, allowing Scotland to wander off, part of some European dream of Agenda 21 utopia…

All this while handing powers over to corporate Europe, who haven’t submitted financial returns since they began because they are above the law and can do what they like…

A new breed of MPs will be sworn in… many independent minds among them, ready, willing and able to ensure the power & respect of the Magna Carta is brought back to the table, Europe will then follow, which favourite holiday destination will be first to bring back their currency?

I can see it now, business will thrive as people negotiate real deals locally… hurrah & a BIG THANK YOU to Scotland!

We’ve got a great conversation happening on the Business in Berkshire LinkedIn Group about this… post your thoughts on the Scottish Referendum below or on the LinkedIn group… or both 😉

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Scottish Referendum : What are you passionate about?

  1. Always a good idea to get the spelling right, speaking as one English person who has lived in Scotland to another. It’s Stirling, not Sterling — Sterling is what some of the most heated debate centres around!

    And Alex Salmond speaks very highly of you 🙂

    Seriously, you make some very valid points and I agree that, whatever the outcome, this vote has permanently shifted the political landscape on both sides of the Border.


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