windsor boys school careers fair

Windsor Boys’ School Careers Fair

Each year, Windsor & Eton Rotary Club organise a careers fair for the young people of Windsor.

All those children who are looking at their career / higher education options are invited to come and talk to local business people who put on a small display of their chosen career.

Windsor Boys, Windsor Girls, Brigidine & East Berkshire College get involved.

We’d like to hear from local businesses that are doing interesting things that will inspire our children on to great things… is that you or is what you do well boring 😉

We’ll be hosting the careers fair between 10:00am & 2:30pm on Thursday 16th October. Are you free… would you like to get involved?

Complete the form below (form doesn’t work in email, just on the blog page) and I’ll get the organiser to give you a call…

Thank you.


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