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What’s your take on Exhibitions?

Do you only turn up to exhibitions that meet a specific set of criteria or would you go to the opening of a paper bag?

I don’t mean literally, unless of course it’s “Vintage” brown paper baby 😉

Are you like a shooting arrow looking for a specific spot, anything less is abject failure and out comes the virtual samurai sword… or do you simply like being around people, so if the industry is right, off you trot, an open book, ready to connect with whatever serendipity might throw your way?

This week is the South West EXPO hosted by Alec & Allyson, who do a marvellous job of getting hundreds of people into a jolly large room in Swindon once a year, likewise Windsor Racecourse and they have just launched one for Birmingham… very much geared around SME businesses & 80% attending #SWEXPO will be micro business owners, looking to make new connections and reinforce existing ones.

Next week is Social Media Week #SMWLDN #SMW14 and there will be hundreds of events all over London, thousands around the world. Mark White is hosting some LinkedIn events on the Monday… we ran some back in 2012 when I landed one of Social Media Week’s TOP Awards… have I not mentioned that before? Social Media Week’s Social Media Personality of the Year, go Google it 😉

What’s your favourite EXPO? Tell us why…

One thought on “What’s your take on Exhibitions?

  1. Love them over the years I have discovered so many talented people with products that just neede a little push in the right direction to get going. Sometimes the new people would be shy and needed a little coaxing but that what makes excibitions great. Like looking for the golden needle inahaystack of gold.


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