crowd chat south west expo

Let’s try an EXPO CrowdChat TODAY

Following on from our first crowd chat #TGP2014 which resulted in 305 posts on the topic of Twitter Growing Pains, we bring you #SWExpo

Join us from 9am – 3pm today on the CrowdChat platform…

This is an experiment so we’ll be trying different things… we’ll try and come up with an itinerary around some key topics but much of it will be random chat… like a virtual radio show where you can have your comment but rather than it disappearing into the ether, it will be printed on the page for all to see for longevity… after the first event 2 weeks ago we had around 1100 views… today we have 1564… another 1/3rd have viewed it… soon it will be 2200 😉

We’ll be sharing news about a brand new Crowd Funding platform… what are you passionate about? Got a project you want to get off the ground or a local charity that needs your help in raising a few quid… we’ve got a solution… tune in and find out more…

Thank you.


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