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Good morning Berkshire, as Scotland gets back to normal, things are changing in Berkshire…

A new crowd funding platform, CrowdPatch is in town and looking for projects to share with the Berkshire Patch >>>

And rather wisely Richard & Simon, the brains behind CrowdPatch, have asked me to help them bang the drum and build the foundations of what will be a shining example of a community fund raising & business investment platform.

Crowd Funding is a way for people to raise money for a variety of projects:

  • Those with a great idea, looking to start something new, need resources to make it happen
  • Established business with a new project range or service that would like some outside help to get it started
  • Charity organisations looking to raise money for a project
  • Voluntary groups & individuals who want to do something for their community

The list of crowd funding ideas is endless and I’m looking to work with people with passion & energy for an initiative that I can help them get off the ground.

I’d also like to invite you to sign up for the CrowdPatch, it’s an online platform that allows you to get involved in multiple projects… those you support from a far & those that you are actively bringing to fruition.

The platform is becoming more sophisticated by the day with ongoing investment & improvements to make it the best it can be in the coming months.

So do pop over and take a look, sign up when you are ready and let me know if you hear of a project that needs a helping hand…

Thank you.


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