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Perhaps you need a change of mindset?

Do you want to lose weight? Get fit? Change your career? Find that special someone? Achieve that elusive goal? Quit smoking?

Then you need to change your mindset!

Come along to my next change your mindset workshop (Date TBC) and find out how you can face that fear, make that important decision, create a habit the right way to help you reach your goals and much, much more.

Stuart Young is the author of “How To Change Your Life”, “One day At A Time” and “Do You Hate Your Job?” as well as being the creator of the online 90 day home study program:

Change Your Mindset, Change Your Life

10 years ago Stuart was stuck in a rut, working 60 hours+ a week in a job he hated, divorced and living on his own for 7 years, had no savings, no pension and no clue as to how to change any of that.

Then, a 30 minute conversation was the catalyst that enabled him to change his entire life and set him on a new path in just 3 months.

If you’d like to find out more about how you can change your mindset to help you reach your life goals, email me NOW on


He’s a good lad that Stuart but he might have read too many of those yankee be a billionaire in 2 week type books… that last bit gave me that vibe… rest assured his books are not like that, thank goodness or I’d not be publicising them on my wee blog! I read his Mindset book in the bath, comes up with some good little ideas does the lad.

Thank you.


3 thoughts on “Perhaps you need a change of mindset?

  1. Hi John,

    I have a strong feeling that you need a change of mindset.

    If you were to venture over to the pub opposite your house right now, you would find representatives from every walk of life, from plumbers and electricians to mortgage brokers, solicitors and estate agents.

    All enjoying a Friday afternoon beer together and a bit of banter. That is social networking in its most pure form, as opposed to what you do, which is pretend networking in a pretend world with no friends.

    I admire what you do , but you are missing the point by a country mile ! You should be running a pub !!!!

    Kind regards,

    Chris Moseley

    Leyton-Smith & Moseley

    43 Thames Street



    SL4 1PR

    Tel: +44 1753 856 683


    1. I’ll see you there next Friday… in the meantime I’ve just got to reply to an email from the chap who runs Microsoft’s global training… that deal comes off, I’ll buy a pub and you can run it for me… happy days 😉


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