Can you help me with my presentation please?

I’ve just been putting a few words together for my speaking slot at The Business Show 2014 on 27th & 28th November at Olympia, London and I could do with a little help from my friends…

Figured I’d talk about Crowd Funding… increasingly, as councils withdraw funding from community projects and those little devils, otherwise known as angels, look to own the IP of individuals with great ideas then the necessity for people to have more control over their own destiny will come to the fore and Crowd Funding puts them well and truly in the driving seat.

But how do people make the most of crowd funding? They need a little help from their friends too… and I’d love to help, I simply need to get skilled up in this space… so figured I’d ask my audience for their thoughts and opinions…


I have come up with the following title and description for my talk which will be given on one of the days… as soon as I know, I’ll add here… what I’d like from you is one of two things (or both):

  • If you know about crowd funding, offer me your 2 or 3 top tips below
  • If you’re not sure, review this project and let me know why you felt it wasn’t successful in achieving its goal… there are no right and wrong answers, simply offer your feelings after reading it… would you have donated or not… why not?

How to Produce a Successful CROWD FUNDING Campaign

jonathan l davey one boatI will share with you 8 key crowd funding story elements to ensure your campaign gets off to the best possible start & your chances of success are greatly increased.

80% of all campaigns fail… BUT 80% of those that reach 20% of their target ultimately achieve their goal…

How do you increase your chances? First, make sure you are in the room for this presentation 😉

Thank you for taking the time to offer me a few words of guidance >>>

07717 820823

3 thoughts on “Can you help me with my presentation please?

  1. I think The reader needed to know in the first 5 sentences what the project was and importnatly why they should donate. I think it needed a really strong to the point summery right at the top of exactly what they were doing, why it was important, how the donantion would make a difference and what the perks were. A summery would’ve made a great difference. They’ve got all the info there but you have to read through a lot to get to it all.


  2. Hi Jon,

    I’m afraid I don’t know what Crowd Funding is, but I would imagine it is when you get a great bunch of friends in the pub together, and you buy the next round.

    Get yourself a pub !

    Kind regards,

    Chris Moseley

    Leyton-Smith & Moseley

    43 Thames Street



    SL4 1PR

    Tel: +44 1753 856 683


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