Looking to talk to Call Centre Managers at #ccexpo14

I love exhibitions because you get to meet real people in real time with a common interest… brilliant…

If you are attending tomorrow then tweet me @wholovesyarbaby & let’s grab a brew… thank you.

Chances are if you smile & dial you’ll find 10% of call centre managers at their desk, the rest will be in meetings, coaching or balling out one or more members of their team… that’s life in management!

So target for tomorrow is to talk to 6 jolly interesting people who can impact my client’s future directly…

Identifying what motivates individuals in your team ensures you can get the most out of them. What motivates one person doesn’t necessarily motivate another. We are all unique and need our differences respected for us to give of our best.

Intrinsic motivation & resilience are the watch words of any good sales training in the modern world and Bryan McCrae has developed a sales training programme that encompasses this thinking.

I’ve known Bryan for years, he’s been on an amazing journey, developing his sales training tool which combines coaching, workshops, e-learning & sales psychology training, to eliminate sales call reluctance and boost sales performance by 20%… and he has the evidence to support this claim.

I asked him for 3 key bullet point questions and he gave me:

– Is your team always highly motivated, regardless of the challenges faced?

– Do they all cope well with the pressures of hitting targets and dealing with challenging markets and customers?

– Are they always as active as you want them to be?


Please take 5 minutes to review Bryan’s offering…


If you’d like a demonstration register online right here…

Thank you.

07717 820823

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