World Judo Veterans Gold Medalist Charlotte Wilkinson

Working mum of two WINS GOLD at the World Championships AGAIN!

When you’re a busy mum of two young children, working in sales to bring home the bacon, how do you find the time to do the all the training that is needed to win competitions, never mind GOLD in the World Championships, two years running?

I met Charlotte through LinkedIn, she popped in to promote the services of her employer, Absolutely Karting in Maidenhead. Go-karting sounded like great fun to me, so organising a meet for our Berkshire crowd was a logical thing to do. We hosted the first event back in August… read more >>>

slow business networking gokarting end race1


Talking to Charlotte she told me she was defending her title in the Judo World Championships for Veterans in Malaga at the end of September I took a step back, not wanting my 19 stone being lifted in the air and slam dunked onto the carpet 😉

WOW, where do you find the commitment & how do you afford to compete? I could sense a very careful balance of resources going on and so suggested that we should find her some local sponsors, giving her a small pot of money to call on as required to enabler her to focus on WINNING rather than worry about blinking money.

I put out an appeal and within the hour 2 generous people stepped up, Tracy Porter and Paul Forest… I did some research on getting badges on t-shirts and realised this appeared to eat most of the sponsorship and that wasn’t the purpose of the exercise… so a rethink was needed…

In the meantime I got talking to my guys and figured we should join that dot into the mix…

I wanted to push out this well done message to Charlotte so we could all congratulated her on the LinkedIn Group or here on the blog, whichever works for you… over the next few days I will be bringing the Crowd Funding Project together, having it reviewed by my experts and launching this as the first of many projects over here >>>

If you’d like early notice of the project then I suggest you join the so you’re ready!

So all that’s left to do is congratulate Charlotte on a job well done… WELL DONE!

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