How much would you like a GOLD Pass to Apps World?

Do you love all things app? Have you done App World on a free ticket before and looked on in envy at those with a GOLDEN TICKET worth £995?

Well now is you chance to WIN a GOLD Pass to AppsWorld 12-13 November, Excel, London in association with The Marketing Blog & The Berkshire Blog!

What do you get to be part of…




Podcasts & Presentation Materials



Party with hundreds of other App loving dudes & dudettes…

So how do you WIN a GOLDEN TICKET worth £995?

AppsWorld 12-13 November, Excel, London

I know, I know, you wanted to go to AppsWorld but all you can afford is the free pass… you so wanted to connect with those amazing speakers & press the flesh of those making the most noise in the industry…

Well here is your chance… we’ve got 2 Gold Passes to give away… access all zones… you’ll have to make your own way there but once there, the doors will be flung wide open! AMAZING!!!

What we’re looking for are the two best social media app loving journalists in Berkshire to cover this gig… Who are they? Where are they? Send them this way!

We’ll be looking for each winner to produce a follow up story about AppsWorld and their time there… and what the future holds for us mere mortals?

To win a Golden Ticket we need you to make us want to go to AppsWorld…

  • Why should anyone get their butt along to Excel?
  • Why should they buy a ticket rather than opt for a FREE one?
  • What doors might this open for a budding app developer?
  • These questions and so many more need answering…
  • Each pitch needs to be between 500 & 1000 words in length, contain a couple of pictures & it would be nice to have a video…

We’ll publish all the stories in The Marketing Blog over the next few weeks and on 5th November, as fireworks light up the night sky in celebration of a job well done, our WINNERS will be announced.

We’ll measure success on the impact of the story on our readers… how many read it & clicked through to the AppWorld website…

Do you want to play?

Register below so we know you’re working on it and we’ll keep you posted of the latest news as we get it live from the AppHQ… best of luck…

Thank you.


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