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The Berkshire Blog Go-Karting round 2

I was a little disappointed that more didn’t join us for the go-karting at Maidenhead today… but those that did had a blast and will be coming back for more!

We’d had 12 last time but only 6 were able to play this month… it was good because we had more room on the track but when there’s 12 more of us can be in the top half of the table! Mind you, the reduced numbers meant we hit the track early and were back in our offices for mid-day… bonus!

I was blinking 4th today out of 6… 2nd out of 12 last time…

David was way more determined to kick some butt and Simon came in and stole the show from our reining champion…

Mind you there were at least 6 who were going to join us but had to bail out for business reasons so it is a popular event and the consensus was to run another round in November with the option for all those that have joined us for any of the first 3 events to join us for a Christmas special, karting on ice in December 😉

go karting maidenhead 3rd october

So book your place for Friday 7th November >>>

slow business networking gokarting in the pits

Complete the booking form below and on the 31st October I’ll look for confirmation…

Form above doesn’t work in the email you need to visit the blog page…

Thank you.


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